Brother QL-1100c Thermal Printer Review: Performance and Versatility

Brother Ql-1100C Thermal Printer Review: Performance and Versatility

The Brother QL-1100c is a high quality label printer with a resolution of 300 dpi, capable of producing up to 69 labels per minute. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, this mono printer accepts rolls up to 4 inches wide. It's easy to set up and offers free label design software, P-touch Editor, for adding text, images and barcodes. Ideal for users requiring great flexibility, it stands out for its speed and precision.

Brother QL-1100c: specifications

The Brother QL-1100c stands out with its premium specifications and exceptional build quality. With a resolution of 300 dpi, it guarantees high resolution label prints, being able to generate up to 69 labels per minute. This printer is exclusively mono and its large format design allows you to accept rolls up to 4 inches wide. Operating system compatibility extends to Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

Compatibility and connectivity

This Brother printer accepts labels of various sizes, up to 4 inches wide. At all sizes, it is possible to print up to 69 labels per minute. Each individual label is cut as part of the printing process. Setting up the printer is as simple as plugging it into an electrical outlet and connecting the USB-A cable to your computer. With compatibility for PC and Mac, this printer is ideal for all systems, including hybrid setups.

Advanced features

The free label design software, P-touch Editor, is easy to use and allows you to add text, images and barcodes to your labels. If you print labels via FBA, the special PDF cropping feature will help ensure everything is consistent and meets the necessary requirements. The reader detects, extracts and prints each individual label, making it easy to mark items to be shipped to Amazon.

Design and handling

The build quality of the Brother QL-1100c is second to none. The unit is mainly made of two types of plastic, thick enough to prevent damage during use. The hinge is strong enough to handle regular roller changes, and the release latches are also well made. The roller fits into three slots without clips or latches. The absence of moving parts here helps ensure the longevity of the device. Its notched design means the printer can accept labels of varying widths, up to 4 inches wide.

Ease of use

Loading the roll was a little tricky at first, and I didn't realize the roll had to be placed under a guide board. After becoming familiar with the process, I had no problem swapping rollers quickly and efficiently. The inclusion of four different function buttons—power, power, and cut—helps give users access to the most commonly required functions.


This particular type of printer is most often used to produce large format labels featuring a combination of text and barcodes. It excels at rendering vector elements with exceptional sharpness and clarity, thanks to its impressive resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi). However, when it comes to graphics such as photos, the printer's performance isn't as impressive, with visible dots and some slight vertical streaks in images.

Speed ​​and precision

On the other hand, the printer offers incredibly fast printing speeds, and its label feeding and cutting functions are consistently accurate and reliable. If your primary use case is simply printing large format labels, you won't be disappointed with the print quality and overall performance.


The Brother QL-1100c has a truly impressive specification. With compatibility with all major operating systems and an easy-to-use design package, it is possible to use this printer with any hardware you use. Support for a range of different label widths up to 4 inches makes this a versatile option for users requiring a lot of flexibility.

Print quality reaches 300 dpi but is limited to mono output. This will be just fine for almost any user, but if you need a color printer, then this Brother is not for you. The modern, curved design means it will look great in any environment, and high-quality construction ensures it will last a long time, even in a busy warehouse environment.


Brother Ql-1100C Thermal Printer Review: Performance and Versatility

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