Between economic illusions and political choices: from Russia to India

Between Economic Illusions and Political Choices: From Russia to India

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Every evening, Nicolas Bouzou, Arlette Chabot and Catherine Jentile offer their expertise on current topics in 24H Pujadas on LCI, tackling various themes such as the Russian economy, political trends in Europe and elections in India. These discussions highlight diverse perspectives on issues that affect both the global economy, the domestic politics of countries and the global geopolitical landscape.

Analysis of Russian economic growth

The recent adjustment by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of growth forecasts for Russia in 2024 to 3,2% raises questions about the real robustness of the Russian economy in the face of Western sanctions. Nicolas Bouzou criticizes the superficiality of laudatory analyzes regarding these figures, suggesting a need to look beyond appearances to understand the underlying dynamics of the Russian economy. For more information, see the IMF website.

European political dynamics as the 2024 European elections approach

An IFOP poll for LCI reveals that the National Rally (RN) leads voting intentions for the 2024 Europeans with 31,5%, followed closely by the Renaissance at 17,5%. Arlette Chabot notes a significant change in the voting behavior of those over 65, traditionally reluctant to support the RN. This development could indicate a broader shift in political perceptions within French society. To explore this topic, visit the IFOP website.

General elections in India

India's general elections mark a watershed moment for the country, with more than a billion Indians set to vote. Narendra Modi's governance is often described as a political tsunami, having profoundly transformed the Indian political landscape. Catherine Jentile anticipates Modi's victory, despite the challenges and controversies. This election is a crucial barometer for measuring the appetite for change or continuity among the Indian population.

The expertise of David Pujadas

From Monday to Friday, David Pujadas enriches the public debate by providing his informed analysis of current events. Its ability to break down complex subjects with pedagogy makes information accessible to everyone, thus contributing to a better understanding of current issues.



Between Economic Illusions and Political Choices: From Russia to India

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