Behind the scenes of global real estate transactions: between business and pleasure — RISMedia

Behind the Scenes of Global Real Estate Transactions: Between Business and Pleasure — Rismedia


In a real estate industry facing major challenges, from inflation to high interest rates and property shortages, members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) are discovering unique opportunities to expand their businesses globally. beyond national borders. With their ability to connect with approximately 550 partner companies around the world, they facilitate a growing number of cross-border transactions, tapping into transaction opportunities beyond their own countries.

The rise of cross-border real estate transactions

Home buyers motivated by various factors, whether financial or personal, are increasingly looking for properties outside their country of residence. This trend is supported by a notable increase in high-end opportunities, with transactions exceeding $1 million. Global expansion, encouraged by LeadingRE, opens strategic doors of opportunities for its members worldwide, thereby strengthening their global presence and adaptability in international markets.

The impact of the pandemic and beyond

The pandemic has accelerated remote working trends and sparked increased interest in global real estate purchases. From California residents acquiring investment properties in Mexico to families moving from Colorado to Italy for job transfers, the motivations behind these moves are as varied as the stories themselves. LeadingRE points out that this trend reflects an increasingly globalized society, where boundaries are becoming blurred for real estate investors.

The keys to success on the global stage

To succeed in the global real estate arena, it is essential to understand local regulations, work with knowledgeable professionals, and ensure legal compliance throughout the process. Investment security, potential property appreciation, and lifestyle factors play a crucial role in purchasing decisions. Having an experienced local partner can make this process significantly easier.

The central role of connectivity

LeadingRE's strength lies in its ability to create meaningful global connections, providing its members with an invaluable competitive advantage. By understanding the nuances of doing business in different locations and adapting accordingly, LeadingRE helps its members successfully navigate global markets. This comprehensive approach is reinforced by ongoing education, awareness and extensive support through its benchmark cross-border concierge program.

Ultimately, the ability to build strong connections and collectively leverage expertise and resources makes the difference in the success of cross-border transactions. LeadingRE members attest to the importance of these connections, which are not limited to company names, but extend to trusted people across the world.


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Behind the Scenes of Global Real Estate Transactions: Between Business and Pleasure — Rismedia

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