Becoming your own tenant: the ultimate guide to real estate autonomy

Becoming Your Own Tenant: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Independence


Guest of BFM Business, Stéphane Desquartiers, director of SD Conseils et Formations, highlighted the advantages of becoming your own tenant. This approach, which consists of being both the owner and tenant of your professional premises, offers notable financial and tax benefits, particularly for business leaders wishing to optimize their real estate assets while controlling the associated risks.

The tangible benefits of self-ownership

The idea of ​​becoming your own tenant is appealing to a growing number of business leaders. This strategy not only makes it possible to build solid real estate assets, but also to benefit from potentially higher returns than those of the residential market. Indeed, as Stéphane Desquartiers points out, commercial premises can offer returns of 6 to 7%, a performance significantly higher than that of many traditional real estate investments.

Optimized risk management

Becoming your own tenant also minimizes the risks associated with rental vacancy and unpaid debts. En connaissant bien le “locataire” – en l’occurrence, sa propre entreprise – le propriétaire peut mieux anticiper et gérer ces risques. This increased control is a considerable asset for the financial sustainability of the company and the real estate assets of the business manager.

Significant tax advantages

From a tax perspective, buying your business premises also has advantages. For people affected by the Real Estate Wealth Tax (IFI), the fact that these assets are considered professional tools can make it possible to exclude them from the basis of this tax. This tax specificity reinforces the appeal of self-ownership for entrepreneurs concerned with tax optimization..

How to proceed ?

To implement this strategy, two main options present themselves: direct purchase by the company or personal acquisition, possibly via a Real Estate Company (SCI) bringing together associates and/or family members. Each option has its specificities and must be chosen according to the situation and objectives of the entrepreneur.

The SCI: a flexible structure

Using an SCI to acquire and rent premises for your business offers great flexibility, particularly in terms of management and transfer of real estate assets. This choice can facilitate asset management and offer inheritance benefits, making SCI a preferred option for many business owners.


Becoming your own tenant is a wise real estate strategy for business owners. It allows you to build assets, benefit from attractive returns and control rental risks, while benefiting from significant tax advantages. As with any real estate decision, you should inform yourself and seek support from professionals to choose the solution best suited to your situation.


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Becoming Your Own Tenant: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Independence

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