Ariat in full commercial expansion: at the heart of western fashion

Ariat In Full Commercial Expansion: At the Heart of Western Fashion

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Ariat, a pioneering brand in the field of equestrian, outdoor and workwear clothing, is celebrating more than three decades of success with a new adventure: the opening of its first physical stores. In 2016, Ariat took a major step forward by opening its first direct-to-consumer store in Fresno, California. This initiative is part of an omnichannel strategy aimed at diversifying the company while getting closer to its customers. Each Ariat store reflects a unique theme linked to its location, providing a tailor-made experience that goes beyond a simple commercial transaction.

The in-store experience at Ariat

Entering an Ariat store means diving into a world where passion meets craftsmanship and innovation. Each retail space is a celebration of Ariat's unwavering commitment to providing personalized experiences, reflecting local cultures, from Nashville's Music City vibe to Fort Worth's Western heritage. Stores offer personalization stations, like the custom hat service in Las Vegas, and every detail, from personalized sculptures to fitting rooms named after brand ambassadors, aims to immerse the customer in the world Ariat.

Impact and future expansion

Over the past thirty years, Ariat has transformed from a supplier of boots to a major player in the equestrian, outdoor and workwear categories of clothing and accessories. Integrating stores into Ariat's omnichannel strategy has generated tangible results, increasing brand awareness, in-store traffic and sales growth. Beth Cross highlights the symbiotic relationship between retail, e-commerce and wholesale channels that is essential in shaping Ariat's future trajectory.

More and more heritage brands like Ariat are moving into direct-to-consumer retail, opening stores across the country. This represents more than just business expansion; it is the embodiment of a vision of immersive brand experiences, community engagement and consumer-centric innovation. Ariat's journey serves as an inspiration for other heritage brands considering making the leap into direct-to-consumer retail.



Ariat In Full Commercial Expansion: At the Heart of Western Fashion

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