An Android smartphone at half the price: an alternative to Xiaomi's Redmi Note and Poco

An Android Smartphone At Half Price: An Alternative To Xiaomi's Redmi Note And Poco

The Motorola Edge 40, initially launched at 599 euros, is positioned at the top of the mid-range. Although it offers interesting services, its high price and fierce competition have prevented it from standing out. However, a current promotion at Boulanger makes it available for only 299 euros, making it much more attractive.

A featherweight smartphone dressed to the nines

To signal its belonging to the upper mid-range, the Motorola Edge 40 has a premium design with an aluminum frame and vegan leather covering. Above all, it is much thinner and lighter than average with a weight of 171 grams and a thickness of 7,6 mm, thus promising impeccable handling. The Lenovo subsidiary also announces IP68 waterproof certification. If the front is not protected by Gorilla Glass, we find a pOLED panel which swaps glass for plastic and allows this smartphone to better resist falls.

The screen benefits from a Full HD+ definition (2 x 400 pixels) and a refresh rate of up to 1 Hz, which is not common in this price bracket and even at the top of the price range. range which is usually satisfied with a frequency of 080 Hz. At the rear, the photo block has a 144 Mpx main sensor (f/120) with autofocus and optical stabilization and an ultra 50 Mpx wide-angle (f/1,4) with a 13° field of view. The photos are generally convincing, especially concerning the main sensor which benefits from a good aperture and which can thus deliver well exposed photos, even when the light is weakening.

Solid performance, but some compromises

In terms of performance, the Motorola Edge 40 is based on a MediaTek processor, a Dimensity 8020. Coupled with 8 GB of RAM, this SoC offers good performance in basic use and multitasking. On the heavy games side of the Play Store, it is more limited, but does not stand out compared to its competitors in the same price segment. It is, however, a shame that the picture is clouded by the software which only benefits from two years of Android updates and three of security patches, which is too little for a smartphone launched at 600 euros.

Finally, autonomy is not really Motorola's strong point and the Edge 40 confirms this trend. With a 4 mAh battery, it can last a long day, but this autonomy tends to disappear quickly when gaming. It is therefore not the most durable smartphone in its price range, but at least it makes up for it with 400 W fast charging which allows it to recharge in just three quarters of an hour. Which is very useful if you are in the red before leaving for the evening.

What to remember about the Motorola Edge 40

  • A thin, light and IP68 certified smartphone
  • A pOLED screen in FHD+ and refreshed at 144 Hz
  • A MediaTek Dimensity 8020 with 8 GB of RAM
  • A 4 mAh battery with 400W fast charging

Instead of 599 euros at its launch, but reduced to 329 euros recently, the Motorola Edge 40 is now available on sale at only 299 euros at Boulanger.

Purchase guide

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An Android Smartphone At Half Price: An Alternative To Xiaomi's Redmi Note And Poco

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