Washington's sanctions against Venezuela: a strategy to weaken its economy

Washington's Sanctions Against Venezuela: A Strategy To Weaken Its Economy


For a decade, Venezuela has suffered economic sanctions imposed by the United States, aimed at destabilizing its government. These measures, criticized for their disastrous humanitarian impact, plunged the country's economy into a deep crisis, mainly affecting civilian populations.

The origins and impact of American sanctions

Sanctions against Venezuela were intensified under Barack Obama's presidency in 2015, marking a turning point with the country being declared a threat to US national security. This escalation has had the direct consequence of a significant deterioration of the Venezuelan economy, particularly in the oil sector, vital for the country. Oil production has fallen drastically, from more than 3 million barrels per day in 2008 to just 350 in 000, following sanctions targeting state oil company PDVSA.

In addition, these sanctions have caused unprecedented hyperinflation, a precipitous fall in foreign currencies and an increase in poverty, pushing nearly 7,7 million Venezuelans to emigrate. Despite these challenges, the Venezuelan government began an economic recovery process in 2021, showing signs of growth and falling inflation.

A controversial strategy to “restore democracy”

Washington justifies these sanctions as a means of “restoring democracy” in Venezuela, although their effectiveness is widely contested. Critics point out that these measures have above all exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, without succeeding in changing the political direction of the country. Reports indicate that sanctions have devastating effects on civilian populations, calling into question their moral and legal justification.

The economic future of Venezuela

Faced with a disastrous economic situation, Venezuela is looking for alternatives to circumvent sanctions and revive its economy. The introduction of a national cryptocurrency and monetary reforms are some of the measures taken to stabilize the currency and attract investments. However, the path to recovery is strewn with pitfalls, and the country's economic future remains uncertain.

The international community remains divided on the issue of sanctions. Some argue for a lifting or relaxation of the measures to alleviate the suffering of Venezuelans, while others support their continuation as a means of political pressure. This debate highlights the complexity of sanctions as a foreign policy tool, oscillating between strategic intentions and humanitarian consequences.


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Washington's Sanctions Against Venezuela: A Strategy To Weaken Its Economy

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