The “devil’s comet” lights up the Loiret sky: a celestial spectacle not to be missed

The "Devil's Comet" Illuminates the Sky of Loiret: A Celestial Show Not to be Missed

“It’s the comet of a lifetime,” says Sylvain Pingot, founding member of the Astro Club of Ouzouer-sur-Loire. Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, nicknamed the “devil’s comet,” is currently visible in the skies of the northern hemisphere, a phenomenon that only occurs every 71 years. The next opportunity to observe this celestial spectacle will not arise before 2095. But why this intriguing name? According to Pingot, it stems from his first observations in 1812, where its double tail evoked the devil's horns. Although it is difficult to see with the naked eye due to its variations in brightness, it is possible to capture it with a simple digital camera.

A window to the universe: capture the moment with your camera

To capture the “Devil's Comet,” look toward the northwest horizon just after sunset and until 22 p.m. A digital camera, without the need for excessive sophistication, is sufficient for this task, explains Sylvain Pingot. By using a tripod and setting your camera to a long exposure, you can not only capture the fleeting beauty of the comet but also enrich your shots by integrating them into enchanting nightscapes.

Practical tips for photographing the comet

Here are some tips to optimize your chances of capturing the comet in all its splendor:

  • Use a tripod to stabilize your camera.
  • Set the camera to 'long exposure' mode for exposures of 30 seconds to one minute.
  • Integrate landscape elements to compose a memorable image.

The importance of seizing the moment

The observation period for comet 12P/Pons-Brooks is soon coming to an end, before it continues its journey towards the southern hemisphere. This unique opportunity to witness such a rare astronomical event highlights the importance of amateur astronomy and celestial photography in our understanding of the universe.

In addition to providing practical tips for observing and photographing the comet, this article aims to inspire astronomy enthusiasts to look up to the sky and appreciate the cosmic wonders around us. Astronomy reminds us of our place in the universe and sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity that has fueled scientific research and discovery throughout human history.


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The "Devil's Comet" Illuminates the Sky of Loiret: A Celestial Show Not to be Missed

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