Sri Lankan government contributes $1 million to Gaza children's fund

Sri Lankan Government Contributes $1 Million to Gaza Children's Fund


The Sri Lankan government has donated $1 million to the Gaza Children's Fund, aiming to help children affected by the conflict between Israel and Hamas. This initiative highlights Sri Lanka's commitment to humanitarian causes despite its own economic challenges.

Sri Lanka's commitment to Gaza

In response to the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Sri Lankan government, under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, announced a significant contribution to support affected children in the Gaza Strip. This financial assistance is intended to improve the living conditions of the child victims of this prolonged tragedy.

Solidarity beyond borders

The decision to create a specific fund for children in Gaza was approved by the Sri Lankan cabinet in February, marking a step towards stronger international solidarity. The government also encourages its citizens to contribute to this noble cause, demonstrating the importance of unity in adversity.

A call for peace

Sri Lanka does not just provide financial aid; it also calls for a ceasefire in the war-torn region and supports the creation of a Palestinian state while emphasizing the need to ensure Israel's security. This balanced position shows Sri Lanka's desire to see a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The Israel-Hamas conflict, which began on October 7 after Palestine-based militants crossed into Israel, has resulted in the deaths of 1 people, mostly civilians, and the taking hostage of around 200 others. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, more than 250 Palestinians have been killed so far in attacks carried out by Israel, without distinguishing between combatants and non-combatants in their count. Israel claims to have killed 30 Hamas militants.

An example of generosity

Despite its own economic difficulties, Sri Lanka is showing that it is possible to play an active role in solving the world's humanitarian crises. This gesture towards the children of Gaza is a powerful reminder that aid and solidarity can transcend national borders.

By encouraging other nations and their citizens to contribute meaningfully, Sri Lanka hopes to inspire a chain of global support for those in need, particularly children who are most vulnerable in armed conflict.


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