René Marc Chikli (SETO) explains why Morocco appeals so much to the French

René Marc Chikli (Seto) Explains Why Morocco So Seduces the French

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At the end of April, the barometer of the air ticketing expert MisterFly ranked Morocco at the top of foreign destinations from France. René Marc Chikli, president of the union of tour operating companies (SETO), highlights the reasons why Morocco attracts the French so much, particularly with cities like Dakhla where the tourist potential remains largely to be exploited.

Morocco, a privileged destination for the French

The recent MisterFly study highlights the growing enthusiasm of the French for Morocco, a country which combines cultural wealth, diversity of landscapes and geographical proximity. This trend is confirmed by the words of René Marc Chikli, who sees Morocco as a major center of attraction for French tourism, in particular thanks to its ability to renew itself and offer unique experiences to travelers.

Why is Morocco so attractive?

Several factors contribute to the attractiveness of Morocco. First of all, the diversity of its landscapes and its cultural heritage offers visitors a rich and varied experience. In addition, the quality of the Moroccan welcome is regularly highlighted by tourists. Finally, the ease of access from France, with numerous direct flights at competitive prices, makes Morocco particularly accessible for the French.

Dakhla, an under-exploited gem

Dakhla, located in the south of Morocco, represents a perfect example of an emerging destination with strong potential for tourism development. Known for its world-famous kitesurfing spots, this city offers much more than water activities. Its exceptional natural environment, between desert and ocean, promises unforgettable experiences for nature and adventure lovers.

How to enhance Dakhla’s potential?

To maximize Dakhla's tourism potential, it is crucial to develop suitable infrastructure while preserving its identity and unique environment. This requires a diversified hotel offering, capable of welcoming all types of travelers, and the promotion of its natural and cultural assets. The organization of international events around sport and culture could also help to increase its visibility.


Morocco continues to seduce the French market thanks to its diversity and authenticity. Cities like Dakhla, with their still largely underexploited potential, represent the future of Moroccan tourism. By focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly development, Morocco can not only preserve its treasures but also offer visitors ever more enriching experiences.



René Marc Chikli (Seto) Explains Why Morocco So Seduces the French

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