Prisoner loses benefits after exchanging nude photos with another inmate using camera, in SC

Prisoner Loses Benefits After Exchanging Nude Photos With Another Inmate Using Camera, SC


The Santa Catarina Justice Court (TJSC) confirmed the sanctions against a detainee found in possession of a cell phone and a camera containing several intimate photos, in the jurisdiction of the Vara de Execuções Penais of Vale do Itajaí.

Strict regulation of communications in prison

The discovery of a cell phone and a camera in a detainee's home led to severe sanctions by the Santa Catarina Justice Court. This case highlights the importance of regulating means of communication within prison establishments, in accordance with article 50 of the Law on the execution of sentences, which prohibits prisoners from possessing or using devices allowing them to communicate with the outside world.


An inmate was punished after being caught in possession of a phone and a camera, the latter containing intimate photos of himself and another inmate. The investigation revealed that the inmate had taken advantage of his privileged position, linked to his work in the workshop, to drill a hole in the wall in order to transfer various objects to an inmate with whom he had a romantic relationship.

The judicial decision

Despite the arguments of the detainee, who claimed not to be the owner of the phones found and to be only responsible for the camera, the court maintained the sanctions, emphasizing the seriousness of the offense. Testimonies from prison officers confirmed the link between the inmate and the objects discovered, including the admitted use of the camera to exchange intimate images.

Implications and advice

This case highlights the need for increased monitoring and strict disciplinary measures to prevent the unauthorized introduction and use of communication devices in prisons. It also reminds inmates of the potentially serious consequences of such actions, including the loss of benefits such as reduced sentences.

For more information on the management of communications in prisons and the rights of prisoners, consult the website the Ministry of Justice.


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Prisoner Loses Benefits After Exchanging Nude Photos With Another Inmate Using Camera, SC

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