Melvyn Fleys, crowned with success: a new face of economic excellence in France

Melvyn Fleys, Crowned with Success: A New Face of Economic Excellence in France


Melvyn Fleys, a 19-year-old student from Germaine-Tillion high school, recently won the national prize for economic excellence, a distinction which highlights not only his exceptional talent in the economic field but also the perseverance and determination with which he has demonstrated throughout his school career. This success crowns an already remarkable final year and opens promising doors for Melvyn for his future.

The path to excellence

The road to success has not been easy for Melvyn Fleys. Despite the challenges and obstacles, his passion for economics and his unwavering commitment to his studies allowed him to stand out among more than 9 students to win the prestigious national award. This victory is the result of rigorous preparation, supported by his teachers and personal discipline reinforced by his practice of bodybuilding, perfectly illustrating how determination and discipline can lead to excellence.

Careful preparation

Melvyn's preparation for the competition was intense. Spending two hours training a few days before the test with the help of his law professors, he was able to develop an effective strategy to approach the competition. His methodical approach and analytical mind allowed him to stand out in an exercise requiring the analysis of a body of documentation on economic policies facing the challenges of scarcity.

Clear future ambitions

Building on this success, Melvyn does not intend to stop there. With the baccalaureate in his sights, he aims for a good distinction, aware that this prize gives him an advantage but in no way diminishes the importance of the final exam for his academic future. Beyond the baccalaureate, Melvyn hesitates between pursuing a BUT (University Bachelor of Technology) and joining a preparatory class for major business schools, ambitious choices which reflect his desire to continue to excel and surpass himself.

The role of sport in academic success

Bodybuilding, much more than just a hobby for Melvyn, played a crucial role in his journey. She taught him discipline and determination, essential qualities that helped him excel academically. This activity allowed him to externalize stress and maintain a mental balance favorable to concentration and perseverance in his studies.

A role model for young people

Melvyn Fleys represents an inspiring example for many young people. His story highlights the importance of perseverance, preparation and passion in the pursuit of academic and personal excellence. He demonstrates that, despite obstacles, it is possible to achieve your dreams with determination and support.


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Melvyn Fleys, Crowned with Success: A New Face of Economic Excellence in France

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