Kirsten Dunst in new Civil War film: an ode to photojournalism

Kirsten Dunst Stars in New Civil War Film: An Ode to Photojournalism


The new movie Civil War, produced by studio A24 and British director Alex Garland, celebrates photojournalists who risk their lives to capture the truth. Set in the near future, it follows a team of journalists across the United States during a rapidly progressing American Civil War. Kirsten Dunst plays a seasoned combat photographer alongside a young aspiring photographer played by Cailee Spaeny, highlighting their camera choices.

A cinematic tribute to photojournalism

In Civil War, the characters' choice of cameras is not trivial. It reflects the importance of equipment in photojournalists' ability to capture decisive moments under pressure. Kirsten Dunst's character uses high-end Sony models, possibly Sony A7R V et Sony A7IV, equipped with specific lenses for different reporting situations.

Lens choices: between distance and precision

The Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS lens, chosen for the A7R V, helps maintain a safe distance from the subject, while a suitable manual lens appears to be used on the A7 IV, evoking historical use lentils Leica for combat photography. These choices underline the diversity of approaches in photojournalism, between the need to protect oneself and the desire to capture the intimacy of moments.

Analog versus digital

The film also contrasts the use of analog and digital cameras, reflecting the current debate in the world of photography. The younger character opts for a Nikon FE2, harkening back to the era when film cameras were predominant in war photojournalism, following in the footsteps of legendary photographers like Don McCullin.

A love letter to journalism

Beyond its thrilling plot, Alex Garland presents Civil War as an ode to journalism, highlighting its crucial role in society. By making journalists the heroes of his film, he pays tribute to their incessant quest for truth, often at the risk of their lives. This recognition of journalism as a democratic pillar is particularly relevant in our current global context, where press freedom is regularly threatened.


Civil War promises to be not only a box office success but also a significant film that highlights the courage and commitment of photojournalists. Through its characters and their equipment, the film explores the challenges and dilemmas of reporting in conflict zones, while celebrating the undeniable impact of journalism on our understanding of the world.


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Kirsten Dunst Stars in New Civil War Film: An Ode to Photojournalism

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