I bought the Google Pixel 8: here's why you should too

I Bought The Google Pixel 8: Here's Why You Should Do The Same


Discounts on the latest high-end smartphones are rare, but when Amazon Spring Sale, a few offers are worth highlighting. Today, the Google Pixel 8 is priced at just £554.99, instead of its usual price of £699.99, which represents an impressive saving of 21%. Considered one of the best phones you can buy in 2024, the Pixel 8 impressed so much that it even ended up in my hands.

Why I like the Google Pixel 8

Right out of the box, the Google Pixel 8 impressed me. Its sleek design, with a unique camera bar on the back and available in sophisticated colors such as obsidian black, pink and hazel, clearly stands out. Its size was a deciding factor for me; Unlike bulky mini tablets, the Pixel 8 offers perfect proportions. It fits easily in one hand and slides effortlessly into a pocket, despite its 6,2-inch screen.

The OLED display on the Pixel 8 is a real beauty. Colorful without excess and extremely luminous, it promises to be ideal for sunny days, without suffering from excessive brightness. Unlike the Pixel 7, its screen now reaches a refresh rate of 120Hz, making its use smoother than ever.

Photography reinvented

Another aspect that convinced me to buy the Pixel 8 is its camera. Not needing the Google Pixel 8 Pro's advanced zoom functionality, the Pixel 8's dual rear lenses, identical to its more expensive counterpart, accompanied by AI-based features, were enough for me. Photos taken are vibrant and detailed, even in low light.

I particularly liked the Magic Editor, a nifty editing tool for removing photobombers and moving objects around the image. Also notable is the Best Take feature, which combines multiple group shots to create the perfect photo.

A pure software experience

Pixels offer the cleanest version of the Android operating system that's easy to navigate and visually pleasing. Some Android systems can be bloated or seem childish, but Pixel strikes the right balance, making it my favorite version of Android.

Thanks to the Google Tensor G3 chip, the Pixel 8 effortlessly handles any task you throw at it, including the demanding AI tasks it was designed for. All in all, the Google Pixel 8 is a great smartphone – it's got style, it's at the forefront of innovation with its AI features, and now it comes at a great price too.


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I Bought The Google Pixel 8: Here's Why You Should Do The Same

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