Easily capture the 2024 solar eclipse with this affordable smartphone filter

Easily Capture The 2024 Solar Eclipse With This Affordable Smartphone Filter


With less than a week until one of the most significant total solar eclipses in decades, it is crucial to prepare properly. This not only involves wearing suitable protective glasses to view the eclipse safely, but also protecting your smartphone camera from the sun's harmful rays. The VisiSolar smartphone photo filter is designed to safely capture the magic of a solar event on your phone, without risking damage to your device's sensor.

Protect your smartphone during the solar eclipse

The upcoming total solar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that many are eagerly awaiting. However, just like our eyes, our smartphone's camera sensor is vulnerable to the sun's rays. Prolonged exposure can irreversibly damage the sensor, just as sunlight can harm our eyes. The solution ? THE VisiSolar photo filter, an innovation designed specifically to allow you to take photos of the eclipse without endangering your precious smartphone.

VisiSolar filter characteristics

The VisiSolar filter comes in the form of a card, easy to transport and use. Simply place it in front of your camera lens to block the sun's harmful rays. Available in a pack of two for less than $13, this filter combines a stiff paper outer border and a special film in the center designed for solar imaging. It allows you to observe and photograph the eclipse safely, without fear of damaging your phone's sensor.

How to use the VisiSolar filter

Using the VisiSolar filter is child's play. Simply place the film in front of your camera lens, activate the camera app and zoom in on the sun. The filter takes care of the rest, automatically blocking intense, harmful rays. For impressive results, be sure to zoom in as much as possible. And after the eclipse, the filter can also be used to take regular photos of the sun, even revealing a few sunspots if your phone or DSLR has a good zoom.

For those who want to capture this unique celestial event without compromising the safety of their equipment, the VisiSolar filter represents an affordable and effective solution. Click here to buy now.


Preparing for a solar eclipse is about more than just protecting our eyes. With the VisiSolar smartphone photo filter, astronomy enthusiasts can now capture this celestial spectacle without risking damage to their device. It's a small expense to preserve your expensive equipment and capture the beauty of the eclipse in peace.


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Easily Capture The 2024 Solar Eclipse With This Affordable Smartphone Filter

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