CCTV surveillance of liquor outlets and distilleries during Lok Sabha elections in Telangana

CCTV Monitoring Of Liquor Outlets And Distilleries During Lok Sabha Elections In Telangana

For the first time in Telangana, all 24 liquor production points are brought under CCTV surveillance to check the illegal flow of liquor ahead of the May 13 Lok Sabha elections. The Chief Election Office, headed by Vikas Raj, took this step to prevent unauthorized distribution of liquor during elections. By closing belt shops (unlicensed satellite stores) and closely monitoring the production and transportation of alcohol, the state is working to regulate and control the movement of alcohol during this critical period. The initiative is part of a broader effort to crack down on the illegal distribution of electoral gifts, with strict vigilance on all warehouses, including those belonging to e-commerce platforms.

Strengthened surveillance and impact on elections

The decision to bring liquor production points in Telangana under CCTV surveillance represents a significant step forward in the fight against corruption and electoral manipulation. This measure aims to ensure total transparency in the production and distribution of alcohol, thus preventing its illegal distribution which could influence the outcome of the elections. Centralized monitoring allows authorities to track precisely where alcohol is produced, transported and sold, ensuring everything is accounted for.

Efforts to increase voter turnout

Besides controlling the flow of alcohol, election authorities in Telangana identified 5 polling stations with low turnout and launched door-to-door campaigns to encourage people to vote. The goal is to increase voter turnout and to ensure that citizens exercise their right to vote, a fundamental pillar of democracy. To achieve this goal, the Election Commission is also considering using celebrities to spread messages on social media platforms to increase public awareness.

Strategies against illegal gift giving

Surveillance of warehouses, including those of e-commerce platforms, is part of a broader strategy to combat the illegal distribution of electoral gifts. By forming teams within the GST and CGST departments to monitor these warehouses, authorities managed to seize materials worth nearly Rs 80-90 crore during the Assembly elections last November. This proactive approach demonstrates the authorities' commitment to maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

Efforts to control the flow of liquor and crackdown on illegal distribution of electoral gifts in Telangana are essential to ensure free and fair elections. These measures, combined with initiatives to increase voter turnout, highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in the electoral process. As Telangana prepares for the Lok Sabha elections, these efforts could serve as a model for other states seeking to strengthen the integrity of their own electoral processes.

CCTV Monitoring Of Liquor Outlets And Distilleries During Lok Sabha Elections In Telangana

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