Magnitude 6,3 earthquake hits Mexico: latest news and practical advice

6,3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico: Latest News And Practical Advice

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A magnitude 6,4 earthquake struck near the coast of Chiapas in Mexico on Sunday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey. This earthquake, with a depth of 75 km (46,6 miles), did not immediately report damage according to Mexico's national civil protection agency. However, in Guatemala, structural damage was reported, as well as a landslide blocking part of a road. No risk of tsunami is to be feared according to the tsunami warning system of the United States and the Mexican navy.

Understanding the impacts of the earthquake in Chiapas and beyond

The earthquake near the Chiapas coast attracted immediate attention from local and international authorities. Although Mexico's civil protection agency said there were no initial reports of damage, the situation was different in Guatemala. There, disaster management agency CONRED reported structural damage in the departments of Quetzaltenango and San Marcos, highlighting the vulnerability of border areas in the event of earthquakes.

The reaction of authorities and communities

Monitoring and rapid response efforts by Mexican and Guatemalan authorities demonstrate the importance of adequate preparation for natural disasters. Communication between national and international agencies is crucial to quickly assess risks and provide assistance. USGS plays a vital role in providing accurate, real-time data, enabling better rescue coordination.

Practical tips for earthquake preparedness

Faced with the reality of earthquakes, it is vital for individuals and communities to prepare. This includes creating evacuation plans, securing furniture and heavy objects, and putting together emergency kits. Educational resources are available on sites such as, offering practical advice to minimize risks.

Implications for regional security

The earthquakes in the Chiapas region and their effects in Guatemala highlight the need for cross-border cooperation in disaster management. Strengthening infrastructure and sharing best practices can help mitigate future impacts. Additionally, the lack of tsunami risk following this specific earthquake should not lead to complacency, as the threat remains an ongoing concern for coastal communities.


This recent earthquake in Mexico and its repercussions in Guatemala highlight the challenges and needs of natural disaster preparedness. By learning from each event, nations can improve their resilience to the unpredictable forces of nature.


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